Students want bobcat named official state cat

Fourth-graders at Benvenue Elementary School are championing a drive to make the bobcat the official state cat of North Carolina.

  • School board interviews 10 superintendent candidates

    The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education invited 10 of the 39 applicants for the district’s superintendent position to first-round interviews 
last week.

  • Art Extravaganza: Dozens showcase art in Currituck

    Creativity thrived in Currituck County High School Saturday as renowned local artists gathered for the 16th annual Art Extravaganza.

  • Camden: Farm support needed

    CAMDEN — Rep. Bob Steinburg, R-Chowan, said state lawmakers will need to expand support to agriculture to meet the state’s “lofty goal” for more food output over the next five years.

  • Elected officials watch ‘Racial Taboo’ documentary

    Pasquotank County residents and their elected officials delved into “Racial Taboo” Thursday night, packing the Knobbs Creek Recreation Center for a well-received encore of the documentary exploring America’s thorny racial history and ongoing divides between black and white Americans.

  • Hinkle named a Main Street champion

    MORGANTON — Susan Hinkle was recently honored as a Main Street champion for 2014 because of her activism in the Harbor of Hospitality’s central business district.

Changing Course: Vikings look to new QB to open up offense

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that the focus of Elizabeth City State’s football team this spring would be on its defense.

Try natural dyes and hand-painted eggs for Easter

A couple of years ago we decided to try something a little different for Easter. While my family and I enjoy dying eggs, we figured we would do something a little more traditional.

Today’s editorial cartoon

  • Koerber-Audette: Manipulation of election laws needs to stop

    It is very difficult today to understand law. So much of it is confused by discretion. Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court removed one part of a law the U.S. Department of Justice often manipulated.

  • Fitzsimon: The sluggish and uneven ‘Carolina (jobs) Comeback’

    Here are a few facts that Governor Pat McCrory and legislative leaders never mention when they boast of the alleged “Carolina Comeback” and that right-wing pundits always leave out when marveling at what they describe as “sizzling” job growth in North Carolina.

  • Today’s editorial cartoon

  • Letter: Some ideas promote distortion, contempt

    Thought experiments can lead to real-world experiments: the U.S. Constitution, for example, is based on the “pointless ramblings” of John Locke and other philosophers; similarly, the scientific method grew largely out of the musings of Francis Bacon.

  • Letter: Obama should have to watch Seinfeld episode

    In what continues to be the international embarrassments of the Obama presidency, we now finally know that Obama’s “poster boy” for negotiating with terrorists, Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl, has been officially charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy while running away, surrendering, endangering the safety of his patrol base and cowardly conduct, or as the political left would say, “Heroism.”