Former oyster boat makes port in EC

More than a century after the Anne first sailed the waters of Long Island Sound, its deck piled high with oysters, the 48-foot boat is still at work.

  • Florida shootout leaves deputy, gunman dead

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A man set his house on fire and then fatally shot a sheriff’s deputy and wounded another today when they responded to the scene, a government official said.

  • New EMS provider would be costlier

    CAMDEN — Camden would have to pay at least three times what it pays now to get expanded emergency medical services from a new provider.

  • Navy: Camden would benefit from land study

    CAMDEN — Camden will miss out on discussions about future growth by not participating in a joint land use study with the U.S. Navy’s Northwest Annex, a spokesman for the military installation said this week.

  • Chesapeake, Navy partners is land buying, protection

    The Northwest Annex in Chesapeake, Va., is helping the city of Chesapeake buy land to keep development from popping up around the military installation, and the same offer may be available to Camden and Currituck counties.

  • DOT unveils new details about bridge options

    HERTFORD — State transportation officials unveiled new details last week about all three options being considered for a new bridge to replace Hertford’s aging S-Bridge but still seemed committed to the one that will cost the least money and cause the least disruption.

Boyette goes National with bowl

Nagging injuries to Ty Houghton came across as a blessing in disguise for Will Boyette, even if it was an unfortunate one.

Winston is one fly dog

Once upon a time Winston was a wildly active dog — a Jack Russell terrier that had more than typical energy.

Today's editorial cartoon

  • Letter: Wig Shop comes to aid of disabled veteran

    Wig Shop comes to aid of disabled veteranLast Saturday, Nov. 15, I was on my electric wheel coming back from the post office.

  • Letter: DA, Hawkins disregard disturbing report

    DA, Hawkins disregard disturbing reportHaving read the article entitled “Camden teacher suspended for conduct” in the Nov. 15 edition of The Daily Advance, I am compelled to write a response.

  • Letter: Bill’s architect exposes Obamacare’s lies

    Bill’s architect exposes Obamacare’s liesIt doesn’t seem to bother anyone that millionaire Congressman Charley Rangel owns real estate in the Caribbean on which he doesn’t pay taxes or that he regularly calls white people “crackers,” among several other endearing terms, while former Democratic Chairwoman Donna Brazile sees Republicans’ major blowout on Nov. 4 as an opportunity for the GOP to “work” with her party.

  • Clay Perkins: Write your own proclamation of thanks to God

    “Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; his love endures forever.” — 1 Chronicles 16:34 (The Bible, New International Version)“Give thanks to the God of gods; his love endures forever.

  • Hezekiah Brown: More things change in politics, more they stay the same

    After reflecting on the 2014 midterm election and engaging in conversation with some of my colleagues, many appeared to be shocked that Republicans were victorious in gaining seats in the U.S. Senate, Congress, state governor mansions and state legislatures.