Fun in Old Trap: Camden dedicates new park

OLD TRAP — Area boaters and picnickers may not have discovered Camden’s new waterfront park in south Camden yet, but admirers at its ribbon cutting Saturday said the secret will spread fast.

The Midnight Hour: Knights begin work under lights

BARCO — Friday Night Lights turned into the early morning hours of Saturday with the sights and sounds of football spilling out of the Currituck High School auditorium onto a practice field on campus.

Lawrence named CG Volunteer of the Year

Coast Guard Petty Officer Casey Lawrence can be found here, there and just about anywhere. It is her nature after all, to be of service just about everywhere she goes.

Today’s editorial cartoon

  • Our View: Lawmakers risk public safety with driver’s ed cuts

    State school officials have had plenty of concern in recent years as the Legislature has chipped away at funds traditionally available for public education, such as the scholarships lawmakers have made available to pay for students to attend private schools.

  • Letter: Our closer regard for animals a good thing

    Our closer regard for animals a good thingCompanion animals are those that are capable of exchanging emotional consolation with a human being.

  • Letter: Review ads for racially insensitive images

    Review ads for racially insensitive imagesAfter months of articles in The Daily Advance about symbols of the past which cause racial hard feelings, I was surprised when I reviewed the ad in a recent edition of The Daily Advance for the “Corner Market Auction.” One of the pictures in that ad was a picture of an Al Jolson-like minstrel statue in black face.

  • Letter: Halt spread of city’s smart grid program

    Halt spread of city’s smart grid programNow the city has got me going crazy!

  • Letter: God help us if Trump tramps to White House

    We’ve got the summer of madness, and we’ve got the summer of “Trump,” and we’ve got Pope Francis.

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