Teachman pampers skin, boosts confidence at biz

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Leigh Teachman


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, August 12, 2017

As an esthetician, Leigh Teachman strives to help others gain self-confidence through their appearance.

Teachman said the best aspect of her profession is “making people feel better about themselves.”

“You can’t go forward confidently if you are not confident in your skin,” said Teachman.

In her business, Dockside, located on Water Street in Elizabeth City, Teachman offers a wide variety of services for her customers.

Teachman, along with her business partner at Dockside, April Poyner, provide customers with services including facials, eyebrow and lash services, waxing, manicures and pedicures.

“I specifically customize facials to what they need,” said Teachman.

“My facials are fun,” said Teachman.

Teachman said her facials can aid in preventive and corrective measures for the skin like age preventive and acne.

“If you have skin I can treat it,” said Teachman.

Teachman also offers full body waxing.

“I blend ingredients together to make the wax I use,” said Teachman.

“Fuller brows are back, but that does not mean they need to be unkempt,” said Teachman referring to the current trends relating to eyebrow shaping and waxing.

Teachman said her overall philosophy as an esthetician is “less is more until it’s not.”

Teachman said the location of Dockside provides customers with a “comfortable atmosphere.”

The windows of the business offer extraordinary views of the Pasquotank River from Water Street.

“We have the most beautiful views,” said Teachman. “It’s breathtaking.”

“We have a portico that lets in natural light.”

Originally from Mississippi, Teachman said her first degree was in the culinary arts.

After starting a family, Teachman said she took time to be with her family and went back to school when her children were older and found a passion for the science of skin care.

Teachman said she enjoys spending time with her husband, Jamie, and their daughters, Kelsey and Madison.

“It makes my heart healthy to do what I do,” said Teachman.

For more information about Dockside and a complete listing of Teachman’s services visit the Dockside Elizabeth City Facebook page.