Retired professor offers services to museum


Linda Fusco


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Retired professor Linda Fusco enjoys sharing her love of history as a volunteer at Museum of the Albemarle.

Volunteering her time with the museum was “an obvious fit” for the educator.

“I do enjoy working with the children,” said Fusco.

Sharing her knowledge of the museum exhibits with school children, Fusco said some of their favorites are The Jackson House and the fire engine, Inez.

Coordinating with museum staff members, Fusco said she has helped align state educational curriculum standards with the Traveling Trunks containing historical kits that are loaned to schools.

Fusco has also utilized her sewing talents to mend and sew clothing for The Discovery Room and other exhibits.

Fusco was an educator in the Williamsville school district for more than three decades working with elementary and middle school students. After she retired, Fusco was a professor in the history department and coordinator of social studies education at the State University College at Buffalo.

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher,” said Fusco, who was first inspired by her second-grade teacher.

As an educator, Fusco said she could “empower students.”

Originally from Williamsville, N.Y., a suburb of Buffalo, Fusco moved to Elizabeth City in 2008. Fusco said her son, daughter-in-law and three grandsons live in Elizabeth City.

Fusco has been a member of the Albemarle Chorale for seven years. She enjoys creating stained glass designs, volunteering at the Arts of the Albemarle, exercising at the Albemarle Family YMCA and meeting with her book club.

“I try to keep active,” said Fusco.

Fusco is looking forward to volunteering with the museum’s seasonal events including “School Days: Appalachian Mountain Christmas” which commences on Nov. 27. Fusco said she often volunteers at the museum Monday through Friday during the holiday season.

“The holiday season is a joy,” said Fusco.

For more information about the Museum of the Albemarle, visit https://www.museumofthealbemarle.com/.