Kairos leader offers hope to families of inmates

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Jamie Crumpler


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Jamie Crumpler strives to give hope to female family members of people who have been incarcerated.

“Kairos Outside is a ministry for female family members of incarcerated loved ones,” said Crumpler.

Crumpler, who serves on the advisory council for the ministry, was the leader of the Kairos Outside of Northeastern North Carolina weekend at the Eastern 4-H Environmental Education Conference Center in Columbia, N.C. on Sept. 1-3.

Nineteen guests participated in the weekend event with 35 volunteers. Volunteers received 36 hours of training before they assisted with the ministry event.

“Confidentiality is important out of respect for the families,” said Crumpler.

“We shared the love of Christ with them,” said Crumpler. “We make sure they know there is hope.”

“It was just amazing how they were able to break down barriers,” said Crumpler. “By the end of the weekend instead of sadness on their faces they had huge smiles on their faces.”

“Kairos Outside provides spiritual healing to families of the incarcerated who often feel that they too are ‘doing time,’” according to the Kairos of the Albemarle-Pasquotank website at www.kairospcinc.org.

Crumpler’s husband, David, is a chaplain at the Pasquotank Correctional Institution and pastor at Faith Fellowship Baptist Church in Tyner.

The Kairos Outside ministry in Pasquotank is a local division of Kairos, an international organization, which has more than 30,000 volunteers in more than 500 locations, according to Kairos Prison Ministry International’s website at www.kairosprisonministry.org/about-kairos-prison-ministry.php.

Crumpler said she was involved with the local Kairos Inside ministry in a support capacity. After witnessing the positive benefits of Kairos Inside which works with incarcerated individuals, Crumpler and local volunteers wanted to offer a local ministry of Kairos Outside which is directed toward the family members of incarcerated individuals.

“We as volunteers want to be a blessing to people,” said Crumpler.

Crumpler said a second annual Kairos Outside weekend will be organized for September 2018.

Born in Missouri, Crumpler has lived in Alabama, Panama and Germany.

“I have moved around my entire life,” said Crumpler. “My husband was in the military.”

Married for 41 years, the Crumplers moved to Elizabeth City six years ago. Crumpler enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and two grandchildren. Retired from the insurance business, Crumpler helps direct the music at Faith Fellowship Baptist Church and she takes part in the hobby of beekeeping.

For more information about the Kairos Inside and Kairos Outside visit www.kairospcinc.org.

“They do not have to walk through this life alone,” said Crumpler.