New Extension agent eyes outdoor programs for kids


Alexandria Huber


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, June 16, 2018

As the new Camden County Cooperative Extension Agent for 4-H Youth Development, Alexandria Huber is looking forward to creating educational and enriching programs for children.

Huber said she has coordinated activities that are “really focused on getting kids outside.”

A variety of day camps will be offered that are “high energy” and give kids the chance to “learn and explore,” according to Huber.

A 4-H Island Adventure Camp will be held on July 6 for ages eight to 12 at Treasure Point. Participants will canoe, kayak and learn about filtering water and nature.

On July 9-10, a 4-H Geology Explorer Camp will be offered for campers ages nine to 13. Campers will learn about the role of an archaeologist and the rock cycle through hands-on activities. The first day activities will be located at Treasure Point and the second day will include a trip to the Aurora Fossil Museum.

Children ages eight to 12 will participate in the 4-H Art Expression Camp with the opportunity to draw, paint and create sculptures on July 26-27. The second day of the camp will include a trip to the Camden County Public Library for children to create short stories and poetry. The camp will conclude with an art show for campers to display their work at Treasure Point.

A 4-H Eco Adventure Camp will be held from July 30 to Aug. 2 where campers age 10 to 15 will learn about ecology, soil and water. On the last day of the camp participants will take a trip to Jennette’s Pier.

On Aug. 20 a College Application/Resume Prep Workshop will be held for teens age 15 to 19.

“I always welcome adult volunteers,” said Huber.

Volunteers can register online at https://nc.4honline.com/Login.aspx?403D4075376775636277493241453D and are required to pass a background check.

Huber earned a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies and public policy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2017.

Huber completed a NC Growing Together Local Food Supply apprenticeship through the Center for Environmental Farming Systems in Raleigh, N.C. She was also an environmental education intern at the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center in Maryland.

Originally from Durham, N.C., Huber moved to Elizabeth City when she accepted the position as an extension agent in Camden two months ago.

Huber enjoys reading, crafting, hiking and outdoor activities.

For information about all 4-H events and registration, call the Camden County Cooperative Extension at 252-331-7630 or visit the Cooperative Extension’s website at https://camden.ces.ncsu.edu/.