Selling Christmas trees Pendletons' holiday tradition

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Melissa Pendleton and her husband, Jason, have been selling fresh Christmas trees in Weeksville for more than two decades.


BY Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Each holiday season, Melissa Pendleton savors the smell of fresh, green Christmas trees.

Pendleton and her husband, Jason, have been selling Christmas trees in Weeksville for more than two decades.

Pendleton said her husband’s family first began selling Christmas trees to their friends years ago. Now Melissa and Jason sell them from a tractor shelter at 1892 Nixonton Road.

Pendleton said the Fraser fir trees they sell are delivered from Critcher Brothers Produce, Inc. in Deep Gap.

The Pendletons begin selling their trees on Thanksgiving Day, and they usually sell out in the first couple of weeks.

“We have a lot of the same customers,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton likes interacting with customers, helping them to continue their own annual tradition of purchasing a real Christmas tree.

Besides the wonderful smell of a fresh Christmas tree, Pendleton also likes the trees’ texture.

“I like the softness of the needles,” she said.

Pendleton said the trees her family sells don’t shed many needles.

“If you have fresh trees, I don’t think they shed as bad as artificial,” she said.

The Pendletons offer a “free fresh cut” on each tree. At a customer’s request, they’ll also trim off the lower branches to help a tree fit a tree stand better. The fresh cut helps the tree “drink the water,” Pendleton said.

Pendleton recommends watering a Christmas tree twice a day. She suggests using only water and avoiding placing any liquid that contains sugar in the tree stand.

Originally from Elizabeth City, Pendleton is a North Carolina certified paralegal who works for Pasquotank County.

Pendleton enjoys spending time with her husband Jason, and their sons, Justin and Matthew. They are active members at Corinth Baptist Church.

Pendleton said her family looks forward to decorating their own Christmas trees in their home. This year she decorated a snowman themed Christmas tree with a green and red color combination that reflects the holiday season. Pendleton said her husband and sons also decorated a fishing- and wildlife-themed tree.

For more information about the Pendletons’ Christmas trees, visit their Facebook page.