Lane's wreath creations show beauty, spirit of season

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Anita Lane is co-owner of Halsey's Lawn and Garden in Edenton.


BY Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, December 22, 2018

EDENTON — The beauty and spirit of the holiday season are reflected in the natural decor Anita Lane offers at her business, Halsey’s Lawn and Garden, in Edenton.

Lane and her em­ploy­ees cre­ate beau­ti­ful wreaths that adorn homes dur­ing the Christ­mas sea­son. Mag­no­lia, pine, cedar, hol­ley, smi­lax, ju­niper and Fraser fir are some of the nat­u­ral ma­te­ri­als used in their el­e­gant de­signs.

Lane said Halsey’s is able to customize wreaths for customers with specific ornamentation and materials.

In order to help the greenery last longer, Lane said natural wreaths are sprayed with Wilt Pruf.

Halsey’s also sells Christmas trees. Halsey’s co-owner, Art Lane, travels to the mountains the week before Thanksgiving and cuts Christmas trees that he then hauls back to Edenton.

Because Halsey’s is also a lawn and garden business, Anita Lane also has some gardening tips. She said the fall and winter are “an excellent time to plant shrubs and trees.”

Halsey’s offers an array of shrubs and plants to suit any landscape design. Camellias, winterberry bush, maple and oak are a few customer favorites.

“There are so many varieties,” Lane said.

Halsey’s also offers house plants and succulents. House plants are a way to “bring life into the home when it’s dormant outside,” Lane said.

Lane recommends soil preparation with soil testing for people who are beginning their own gardens. She said her favorites include limelight hydrangeas and poet’s laurel.

Lane said she looks forward every year to watching seedlings’ growth into plants and flowers. With three greenhouses, she gets to observe their growth onsite at Halsey’s.

“We grow most of our plants,” Lane said.

Lane, who lives in Perquimans, has owned Halsey’s Lawn and Garden in Edenton for 11 years.

“My grandmother was a big gardener, and I learned a lot from her as a child,” she said.

Lane said one of the best aspects of owning her own business is the interaction she gets with customers.

“We have wonderful customers,” she said.

For more information about Halsey’s Lawn & Garden, check out its Facebook page.