Custom jewelry maker's designs inspired by ocean, Hawaii

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Angela Moskwa, who is originally from Scotland, is the owner of Lemon Seeds Designs, a custom-design jewelry business. Every piece of Moskwa's jewelry is handmade.


BY Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, February 9, 2019

If Angela Moskwa’s custom jewelry designs seem inspired by the ocean and picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, it’s because they are.

Before moving to Moyock last year, Moskwa lived in the 50th state with her husband, Jason, who is in the U.S. Navy.

In fact, it was while living in Hawaii that Moskwa — who’s originally from Scotland — got interested in silversmithing. Discovering she had a talent for the craft, she soon began teaching her own silversmithing classes.

Moskwa, who calls her jewelry business Lemon Seed Designs, said she decided on the name after having a conversation with one of her students. The student told Moskwa that she always left a lemon seed in her lemon meringue pies to let people know the pies were made from scratch.

Moskwa chose to call her business Lemon Seed Designs for the same reason — to let her customers know that every piece of her custom-designed jewelry is handmade. She in fact works from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. each day crafting her designs.

“It is a lengthy process,” Moskwa said.

She uses various elements of silversmithing, wire wrapping and hand-stamping to craft a wide array of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings for men, women and children.

“My bangles look amazing,” she said.

One of her favorite designs is the Honu, also known as the Hawaiian green sea turtle. Moskwa said many of her pieces incorporate the turtle design. Others incorporate shells and other features of the ocean.

Moskwa uses sterling silver, rose gold-filled and gold-filled materials in her jewelry.

“They are going to get quality products,” she said of her customers.

Moskwa’s customers can request specific jewelry designs for holiday gift-giving. Valentine’s Day, which is next week, is traditionally a popular time to give jewelry. Moskwa also accepts customer requests for personalized jewelry.

“People love to get their kids’ names on their bracelets,” she said.

Moskwa said customers also often request names or dates to remember a loved one who has passed away.

“I love giving people a little piece of the people they miss,” she said. “It gives me joy.”

When she’s not making jewelry, Moskwa enjoys spending time with her husband, cooking and gardening. Moskwa said she loves her two dogs, Lily, a Japanese Chin, and Titus, a Yorkie. Moskwa said Lily likes to stay by her side while she’s working, while Titus scoots away to another room when he hears the loud noise of the jewelry designer at work.

Moskwa’s jewelry is available for sale at The Shoppes at Kenyon Bailey in Elizabeth City and online at http://​www.spreesy.com/​Lemon_Seed_Designs. For more information, view the Lemon Seed Designs Facebook page.