Stallcup's The Gregarious Goose showcases artisans' work

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Alice Stallcup


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Alice Stallcup spent 18 years working for the Cincinnati Police Department, the first six as a patrol officer, the last 12 as a forensic video analyst for the homicide division.

After her retirement, she and her husband, Rudolf Gruenke, who’s also retired from the Cincinnati PD, moved to Edenton and started thinking about the next chapter of their lives.

Stallcup says she wanted to pursue her dream of owning her own business “for a long time,” and three weeks ago her dream came true.

After the perfect storefront became available at 315 South Broad Street, Stallcup opened The Gregarious Goose, a shop she says offers “handmade, high-quality artisan goods made by small-family businesses.”

“I wanted a store that welcomed everyone in the community,” Stallcup said. “All of the things I have in the store are supporting small businesses.”

Handmade children’s clothes, jewelry, soaps, facial creams and pillows are just a few of the items available for sale in The Gregarious Goose.

Bird houses a local couple make out of Cypress wood is a popular item. While they are made to function outside, Stallcup said “they are so beautiful you can hang them in your home.”

Stallcup said Rudolf also can make customized wood engravings for customers.

Stallcup credits Google for her shop’s name. When she Googled the words “symbolism for community,” she found a goose image. She said the adjective “gregarious” matches her own sociable personality.

“I don’t know a stranger,” Stallcup said.

Put them together and you have her store’s name.

Stallcup said she followed an “eclectic quirky design style” when creating the store’s layout. Antique wood chicken coops with lights hang from the ceiling. Rudolf built the shelving, incorporating wood and pipe for what Stallcup describes as a “very industrial feel with a vintage farmhouse vibe.”

In addition to the retail area of the store, Stallcup has set up tables and chairs she plans to use for wreath-making and other crafting classes for adults. A list of the classes is available on The Gregarious Goose’s Facebook page.

In one of the store’s display windows, Stallcup has placed a small table and chairs for kids who accompany their parents. She provides crayons and paper for them to use coloring their own pictures while their parents shop.

“The kids love it so much they don’t want to leave,” Stallcup says.

Stallcup doesn’t just sell local artisans’ work, she also helps promote it. She posts photos and descriptions of the work on The Gregarious Goose’s Facebook page. She said the posts help people understand there is an actual person who made the product.

“I hope to be a resource for the community and give back to the community,” Stallcup said. “This is my new home.”

Stallcup earned a bachelor’s degree in criminology from Ohio State University and a master’s degree in education from Xavier University.

Stallcup enjoys spending time with her husband and her family.

For more information, visit The Gregarious Goose’s Facebook page or Instagram.