Parker to demonstrate bead weaving at Craftsman’s Fair


By Anna Goodwin McCarthy

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Pam Parker is a bead weaver who will be both demonstrating her craft and selling her unique jewelry and decor items at next month’s Albemarle Craftsman’s Fair in Elizabeth City.

Parker, who was juried for her first Craftsman’s Fair by the Albemarle Craftsman’s Guild, is looking forward to the annual event that will be held at Knobbs Creek Recreation Center Oct. 25-27.

“I will probably work on a peyote bracelet or a beaded fringe scarf,” Parker said, describing the items she plans for the craft demonstrations at her booth. “I really love a peyote stitch bracelet because they are so flat and smooth. They just feel good.”

Parker said she hopes to sell bracelets, necklaces, scarves with beaded fringes, and Christmas ornaments with netted bead detail at the fair.

Parker said she began bead weaving more than four years ago after noticing an ad for The Bead Spot, a local shop.

“I just thought it would be fun to try,” she said.

Parker said The Bead Spot’s owner taught her the techniques of bead weaving. Parker now meets regularly with a group of friends at the shop to weave beads.

“I have met some awesome people through beading,” she said.

Because she can fit her beading materials in a small bag, Parker said she can bead at home or when she is traveling.

“Beading is relaxing to me,” she said.

The one thing that’s almost a requirement for weaving beads, Parker said, is good lighting. It’s also important to use the right kind of thread and needle and “to learn how to make good knots in your work so it doesn’t fall apart,” she added.

Parker has previously taught bead-weaving classes. She suggests people interested in trying the craft find beads “that flow and fit best with your style.”

Parker prefers beads that are “a bit larger.”

“I usually don’t go for the real dainty (beads),” she said.

Those interested pursuing the craft can also find beading patterns online, Parker said. YouTube also has a multitude of videos on various techniques.

When she’s not weaving beads, Parker works at Family Care Pharmacy and is a part-time student at College of The Albemarle. She also likes to paint, and at least once a week she visits Studio 511, where mixed media is her favorite.

Originally from Minnesota, Parker has lived in Hertford for 16 years with her husband who is in the U.S. Coast Guard. The couple enjoy visiting her two children.

For more information about the Albemarle Craftsman’s Fair and the Albemarle Craftsman’s Guild, visit the organization’s Facebook page.