Perry lends support to former rival Murphy

Seek GOP unity in days near election


Former GOP rivals Joan Perry and Greg Murphy talk at a recent campaign gathering hosted by the Pasquotank County Republicans Party at the Culpepper Inn in Elizabeth City. Though the two battled each other in the primary, they have united so as to work together to elect Murphy at the Sept. 10 special election for the 3rd District congressional seat.


Staff writer

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

ELIZABETH CITY — After hard fought campaigns seeking the GOP's nod for a spot on the Sept. 10 ballot, two adversaries have united their forces so as to keep eastern North Carolina's 3rd District in Republican hands.

After Greg Murphy won the contest in the July primary runoff election, he was quick to reach out to Joan Perry for her support.

"I am very happy to have Dr. Joan Perry's support. We realize that we must have a Republican Congressman in the 3rd District. We simply cannot have someone who is of the party of Pelosi (referring to U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco),” Murphy said Sunday night at a campaign event organized by the Pasquotank Republican Party in Elizabeth City that also featured Perry.

Perry said she and Murphy talked about the issues, the importance of energizing voters and doing what's necessary to defeat Thomas.

“I'm supporting Greg because we are Republicans and hold many of the same conservative beliefs, especially pertaining to the issue of life and also fiscal responsibility. Our country is facing critical times and Republican values must be represented in Washington,” she said. 

Murphy will face Democrat Allen Thomas, Constitution Party Greg Holt and Libertarian Tim Harris in the special election to fill the congressional seat that was held by Walter B. Jones Jr. who died in February.

During the July primary, Murphy received nearly 60 percent of the votes cast and captured 12 of the 17 counties in the district, which extends from the Virginia border to Onslow County.

N.C. State Senator Bob Steinburg (R-Chowan), who introduced Murphy at the campaign gala, said it is important for Republicans to unite and get out the vote or else they risk losing the congressional seat to a Democrat who will support policies that run counter to eastern North Carolina values.

Dianne Layden of Belvidere, a GOP activist who serves as Murphy's Northeastern NC field representative, offered her opinion about the importance of party unity.

“GOP unity means we win elections and stand strong for the values represented by Party. It is always wonderful to have a rival support the candidate who wins the primary. When all are on board we have a ground game to get out the vote especially in this very short special election,” she said.