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Edenton-Chowan Schools Superintendent Rob Jackson, who is also a long distance runner in his own right, talks to a trio of top Aces' cross country athletes before last week's meet against area schools.

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Friday, September 13, 2019

Aces' cross-country runners posted top finishes and improved times at the team's most recent outing last week against area schools racing around D.F. Walker Elementary.

“It was great to have six runners finish on both the guys side, as well as the girls side,” Aces' Coach Matt Goetsch said. “While we do have some with some lingering injuries, each runner is doing his/her best to contribute to the team. This week we were able to really teach them exactly how a cross country meet is scored, in order for each of them to understand how valuable (even as runner  No. 6) they are to the team. We also had the opportunity to correlate that not only to the cross country course, but also in life as well.”

Camden's team had four runners in the top 10, so the Bruins easily won the boys meet followed by Manteo, Perquimans and Edenton. Perquimans' Jayden White won the race with a time of 18:09 minutes. Camden's team Though Gates didn't post a full team, Red Barons had runners in the top 10.

Blake Meadows led the Aces, finished in sixth place overall and posted a time of 21:18 minutes – best time so far this season.

“We are extremely happy to have Blake back after the season-long injury last year,” Goetsch said. “He has really jumped in this year and been a great leader on our team for the younger runners to follow. He has been our leader not only in the sense of being the first of our boy runners to cross the finish line, but also by his encouragement in practices and meets.”

Logan Garman, a freshman, crossed the finish line in 11th place with a time of 23:01 minutes – best so far this season.

“Logan is going to be fun to coach for the next four years,” Goetsch said. “He really enjoys running. You don't have to do much to get him engaged in practices. He is usually just happy to be out there.”

Per the girls' side of the ledger, Aces finished third with Camden taking home the gold, Manteo in second and Perquimans at fourth and Gates at fifth.

Itary Lopez-Bonilla led the Aces' girls team with an eighth place finish with a time of 25:16 minutes – best so far this season.

“Itary has the natural ability to be really good and maybe even challenge some of the top runners in the conference,” Goetsch said. “She has a lot on her plate and is doing a great job of balancing all the things (school, home and team) that are asked of her.”

Next stop for the Aces is today's meet (Wednesday) at Gates County's Merchants Millpond – watch out for alligators.

“It is going to be nice to be at Gates County (Millpond) for a meet this week,” Goetsch said. “The runners are excited to finally run somewhere else. Gates' Cross Country Course has the potential to be very fast, so we hope to see many PRs this week.”

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Girls results

1, Keely Williams, Camden, 21:00; 2, Hannah Healy, Camden, 21:05; 3, Libby Robertson, Manteo, 23:10; 4, Autumn Healy, Camden, 23:24; 5, Tiffany Fenz, Manteo, 23:54; 6, Cadie Langton, Camden, 24:12:00; 7, Allison Bowen, Bear Grass, 25:10:00; 8, Itary Lopez Bonilla, Edenton, 25:16:00; 9, McKenzie Douglas, Camden; 26:10:00; 10, Abigail Jones, Camden, 26:53:00; 11, Tia Royal, Camden, 

26:57:00; 12, Stella Sopmi, Camden, 27:27:00; 13, Bella Bartell, Manteo, 27:35:00; 14, Amanda Turner, Edenton, 27:58:00; 15, Kate Barker, Manteo, 29:07:00; 16, Grace Healy, Camden, 29:16:00; 17, Emily Chandler, Bear Grass, 30:45:00; 18, Brisa Grijalua-Torres, Manteo, 30:46:00; 19, Kerry Chavaria, Manteo, 30:49:00; 20, Quinn Lorber, Camden, 32:18:00; 21, Meredith DeCastillia, Perquimans, 32:53:00; 22, Carrie Jenkins, Edenton, 33:04:00; 23, Hannah Hoffman, Edenton, 33:16:00; 24, Sydney Russell, Perquimans, 33:20:00; 25, Jordan Mitchell, Gates, 33:36:00; 26, Makayla Smith, Gates, 34:26:00; 27, Greyson Pierce, Perquimans, 34:29:00; 28, Alyssa Healy, Camden, 34:55:00; 29, Carissa Baker, Perquimans, 35:14:00; 30, Jamie Hamm, Edenton, 35:37:00; 31, Jewel Benton, Perquimans, 35:52:00; 32, Michelle Carpiette, Edenton, 36:08:00; 33, Makaylah Bolton, Gates, 36:33:00; 34, Erin Greene, Gates, 36:36:00; 35, Riley Pingree, Camden, 36:50:00; 36, Makaylah Whitley, Perquimans, 37:21:00; 37, Ariana Pruden, Gates, 39:54:00.

Team Results

1, Camden — 21; 2, Manteo — 46; 3, Edenton — 78; 4, Perquimans — 105; 5, Gates — 126.

Boys Results

1, Jayden White, Perquimans, 18:09; 2, Jacob Euler, Gates, 19:15; 3, Darnell (no last name given), Camden, 19:57; 4, Ethan Osborne, Camden, 20:14; 5, Thomas White, Camden, 20:54; 6, Blake Meadows, Edenton, 21:18; 7, Weston Smith, Manteo, 21:26; 8, John Euler, Gates, 21:38; 9, Christian Carrioa, Camden, 22:02; 10, Eli Gregory, Perquimans, 22:56; 11, Logan Garman, Edenton, 23:01; 12, Braden Heard, Manteo, 23:03; 13, Chase Culpepper, Manteo, 23:07; 14, Mason Byrum, Perquimans, 23:18; 15, Zain Bhula, Manteo, 23:19; 16, Grayson Lewis, Manteo, 23:27; 17, Dylan Blalock, Manteo, 23:34; 18, Lukas Berry, Edenton, 23:51; 19, Wyatt Norfleet, Camden, 23:58; 20, AJ Schwarm, Edenton, 24:05:00; 21, Nathan Smith, Manteo, 24:18:00; 22, Enjiana  Williams, Camden, 24:26:00; 23, Jacob Brooks, Edenton, 24:39:00; 24, McCorey Poole, Gates, 24:41:00; 25, Dion Tolbert, Camden, 24:50:00; 26, Christopher Roberts, Manteo, 24:51:00; 27, Gabe Snyder, Camden, 24:59:00; 28, Logan Randolph, Perquimans, 26:22:00; 29, Nathan Jarvis, Manteo, 27:27:00; 30, Jett Winslow, Perquimans, 27:35:00; 31, Ty Nixon, Perquimans, 27:42:00; 32, Rich Honican, Bear Grass, 27:44:00; 33, Ethan Dale, Edenton, 29:00:00; 34, Carson Simpson, Bear Grass, 31:03:00; 35, Nicholas Gibson, Bear Grass, 31:05:00; 36, Logan Smith, Camden, 40:07:00.

Team Results

1, Camden — 33; 2, Manteo — 54; 3, Perquimans — 68; 4, Edenton — 69.