Wildcats tumble to Bears' offense


By Miles Layton

Thursday, October 18, 2018

COLUMBIA – The Wildcats fell to Bear Grass Charter in Friday's home conference game 46-18.

A Wildcats fumble in the first quarter led to a drive that ended with the Bears scoring the first touchdown near the nine minute mark. Pumped by the touchdown, a two-point conversion post more points on the board.

Three minutes later, the Bears scored a second touchdown around the 6 minute mark to put the score at 14-0. 

Eagles were down, but not out when QB Peyton Nicholson fired off a pass to Nasseim Basnight for a touchdown near the three minute mark. Extra point was no good. 

Soon after the second quarter starts, Basnight makes a powerful drive to score a second touchdown near the 10 minute mark. 

Five minutes later, the Bears get back into the hunt by driving in a touchdown. Lo and behold, the Bears score a 2-point conversion to put the score at 22-12.

When the second half starts, Bears' offense runs and guns without mercy.

Seven minutes into the third quarter, Bears score a touchdown after a solid rushing drive. Two-point conversion failed, so the score is 28-12.

Wildcats' Kamari Clegg runs the ball in for a touchdown near the end of the quarter. Two-point conversion fails, so the score is 26-18.

Fourth quarter, a Bears pass completion results in a touchdown and the two-point conversion is good, so the score around the 8 minute mark is 34-18. Bears pick up a safety and add two more points to the board.

With three minutes left in the game, Bear Grass scores another touchdown on a long drive. Two-point conversion is good to end scoring for both teams at 46-18.

Though defeated, Columbia (0-6) is far from out and will be seeking to avenge Friday's loss to Bear Grass (3-5) when the two teams play again Oct. 26 in Williamston.