Taste of Canada on menu for Armchair Travelers

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COA culinary arts student Jessica Bond (left) is making Nova Scotia Lobster Bites, assisted by Leslie Lippincott, program director for Culinary Arts at College of the Albemarle in Edenton.

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By Leslie Lippincott
COA Culinary Arts

Sunday, October 15, 2017

COA Culinary students and Edenton Bay Trading Company collaborated again for the exciting finale of the Armchair Traveler series on Oct. 6 at the Shepard-Pruden Library in Edenton. This year’s guests enjoyed an evening of delicious Canadian cuisine classics paired with Old World and Modern beer and wines.

To magically “motor” our way along the Trans-Canada Highway, the students prepared a selection of regional foods ranging from the Maritimes in the Atlantic region to British Columbia with a few stops along the way.

“Starting” our journey in Nova Scotia, we offered cold water Lobster Salad Bites in toast cups. From there it was off to Ontario, in the Central region, for a real deal Peameal Bacon sandwich made famous at the Carousel Bakery in the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. The students made a slider variation but still with the traditional cheddar cheese and Dijon mustard accompaniments. Next? Off to Quebec, s’il vous plait, for Poutine featuring Canadian Yukon Gold French Fries, homemade gravy and cheddar cheese curds AND Mini Acadian meat pies, beef and pork stewed with a touch ginger and chervil, wrapped in a crumbly crust. As we traversed the Prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskastchewan and Alberta, we indulged in a sweet tribute to Maple with Maple Fudge cupcakes, layering maple flavor 3 ways: maple sugar, maple syrup and maple extract. Now that’s beaucoup maple flavor. We ended our journey on the West Coast in “The Harbour City” of Nanaimo on the east side of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, home of Nanaimo Bars. While the actual origin of the Nanaimo bar is not clear, its three-layered deliciousness is unmistakable. The recipe we used from The City of Nanaimo website is one of the featured recipes today.

A delectable evening indeed, wouldn’t you say? It’s always fun to learn about new cuisines and try new ingredients or even using known ingredients in different ways. Thank you to the Armchair Travelers for the opportunity for our students to do just that and take a magical road trip across our neighbor to the North.