Trump should silence opponents with jail


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Most Americans aren't concerned that the various security agencies of the government tend to make the rules as they go along but they should be.

For instance, people didn't blink an eye at Former FBI Director Jim Comey’s disclosures that he broke the chain of custody of classified information when he gave it to his friend to leak it to the press. Comey reasoned that it was his own information to do with as he pleased, but what he didn't say was he had to sign away his supposed “rights” to any and all things he would acquire when he signed on as an FBI agent.

Comey is just one of thousands of out-of-control government operatives doing much as they please with little to no supervision. That includes a rogue ex-president, going about disrupting every thing our president does. It also includes the former president’s “resistance” movement implemented either by preceding or following up on every meeting the current president has with foreign leaders.

In case you didn't know, there is precedent for action against former president Barack Obama and others for things they do after leaving office. For instance, Thomas Jefferson's vice president, Aaron Burr was arrested and charged with treason. Nothing much came of it but if pursued Burr could have been executed.

Presidents Washington, Lincoln, Wilson, Roosevelt and others would not have tolerated this disruptive and treasonous activity for a moment. Dwight Eisenhower, when he was an Army general, had his own men executed. Perhaps we might consider that remedy for the anarchy that's so prevalent today.

Demonic Democrats will never relent in their ceaseless search for causes to impeach this president, so I believe it behooves him to strike first by forcible removal of the entire Congress and department heads. The death penalty would be on the table, even though most will get life imprisonment.

It's time for this administration to assert itself and go on the offensive by smashing the opposition and sending some people to jail. Patriots, it's time to stand up and speak out!

Calvin Lacy

Elizabeth City

Edi­tor’s note: Most le­gal com­men­ta­tors agree that for­mer FBI Direc­tor Jim Comey did not vi­o­late any fed­eral laws when he had a friend share with a re­porter the con­tents of memos he wrote containing his rec­ol­lec­tions of the meet­ings he had with Pres­i­dent Trump. Comey shared the con­tents of those memos af­ter he was fired by Pres­i­dent Trump — in other words, after he became a pri­vate cit­i­zen, which un­der the First Amend­ment he had a right to do.