Ex-Mexican leader latest to go crazy over Trump


Saturday, August 12, 2017

You know why Mexico's former president, Vicente Fox, hates Donald Trump so much, don't you?

It's conspicuous consumption. Trump is lavishly rich and loves to show it. He's also currently presiding over the greatest nation ever, a nation with a booming stock market that recently reached a historic high.

Fox, on the other hand, presided over one of the most corrupt nations in the western hemisphere when he was Mexico’s president from 2000 to 2006. Mexico had a historically weak economy that bordered on collapse. The peso’s current exchange rate to the dollar is $12.78 to $1. As in all foreign countries, an American dollar gets a better swap on Mexico’s streets. The peso-to-dollar exchange rate was $3.80 to $1 when I was at Lackland in the early fifties.

So, why does Fox keep trashing Trump? Now he's ragging on the president’s taking a 17-day vacation at one of his own hotels and golf course. He says if the president doesn't like his job he should quit. Fox also says the presidency was never meant for Trump anyway.

What is it to Fox how many vacations an American president takes? America was alright with Fox when he was able to export his problems to us, but now America is bad because the borders are not so open anymore. What we do in this country is none of Fox's business and it's not on the Mexican dime.

I think Fox’s problems center on the fact that Trump is the only president we've ever had who doesn't bow and scrape to foreign dignitaries. Or maybe it's because Trump has his own plane and helicopter and lavish hotels and golf courses scattered around the world and never needs reservations. Of course, I'll bet that if The Donald invited Fox to be his guest for the next two weeks golfing and partying, Vicente would be on the next flight out of Mexico.

Maybe Vicente Fox is like The Federalist editor, Mollie Hemingway, who hates Trump for his supersized narcissism and wishes all Republicans to suffer a fiery death, even though she loves being a paid contributor on the Fox News channel, which was very instrumental in Trump's election. Whatever the reasons for the hatred, Trump has a way of getting inside of people’s heads and it's driving them crazy!

Calvin Lacy