Postal carriers have duty to get mail in right boxes


Carl Pickell

Sunday, August 13, 2017

I look forward to going to my mailbox every day to pick up my mail. When doing this, I like to feel confident that only the mail that belongs to me is in my box. I also don’t like to have other people’s mail in my box.

Why? Because if I have other people’s mail in my box, my mail could be in other people’s mailbox.

Which brings me to the purpose of this letter. Both of these other things have been happening over a two-year period.

I will give two days out of many as examples. On July 19, mail belonging to five households was put in wrong mailboxes. On July 22 this event repeated itself. Mail belonging to five different households, all in wrong mailboxes. Mail has also been delivered to a house that has been vacant for three months.

I and others have been to the post office to complain. We had someone to take our complaints, but the person turned out to be only a messenger. They had a “I don’t care attitude,” as opposed to a “this won’t happen again” or “we are sorry it happened” attitude. This is not acceptable by any means.

I’m sure there will be a response to this letter. When doing so, please list the salary of the carriers, their perks like insurance, and the education it takes to do this job.

The mail that was put in wrong boxes was uncalled for. The names on the mail were spelled out perfectly. The numbers of the addresses were perfect. I hate to sound so mean, but my mail is important to me. It’s also important to others. Postal employees get paid top dollar so how about doing a top job? There are people standing in line for their jobs.

I would like to say that our regular carrier does a great job. The ones who don’t are substitutes. Still, there’s no excuse for this. The U.S. Postal Service shouldn’t allow anyone to deliver mail who doesn’t know what they are doing. Again, our mail is important. We and others pay the Postal Service to get it in the right box.

Carl Pickell

Elizabeth City