Only full erasure of Civil War will sate Left


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

We stand on the precipice of the downfall of America as we know it. The American Taliban, better known as today’s Democratic Party, is in full swing.

Since the events in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Democratic Party, along with their trusted friends in the liberal media, have gone insane with lunacy and rage. Nevermind the fact that they want all statues they alone deem offensive or racist to be removed, the uber liberal Southern Poverty Law Center has now classified Tony Perkins and Ayaan Hirsi Ali as “extremists.”

Yes that’s right. Tony Perkins, who heads the Family Research Council and is a Christian political activist, and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who is a self-described “black, feminist, former Muslim who opposes political violence and is a critic of Islam and advocate for the rights and self-determination of Muslim women, and who actively opposes forced marriage, honor violence, child marriage and female genital mutilation,” are now extremists to the left.

ESPN will no longer allow broadcaster Robert Lee, an Asian-American, to broadcast University of Virginia football games because his name might offend someone. The American Taliban (Democrats) now say that the University of Southern California’s mascot, a white horse named “Traveler” is racist because it’s white, and “Traveller” was the name of Robert E. Lee’s horse.

The historic Orpheum theatre in Memphis, Tennessee, will no longer show the movie “Gone With the Wind.”

Sadly, I could cite dozens more examples of the left’s lunacy. Why do the majority of Democrats hate our traditions and history? Virginia governor and close confidant of the Clintons, Terry McAuliffe, stated two years ago that the statues of Lee and Stonewall Jackson on Richmond’s Monument Avenue were “part of our heritage.” Now he says they are “flashpoints for hatred, division and violence.” Wow, that was quick.

But who exactly hates the statues? Who will cause the violence? Liberals and the radical left, that’s who. When will these leftists lunatics be satisfied? When America’s histories and biographies are burned and every semblance of the Civil War is nothing more than long-forgotten memories.

We now live in an America where black people who were never slaves, and white liberals are fighting with white people who were never Nazis over Confederate statues erected by Democrats, because Democrats can’t stand their own history anymore and somehow, in the end, it’s Donald Trump’s fault.

Mark Goddard

Editor’s note: ESPN did not say it would never allow part-time broadcaster Robert Lee to broadcast a University of Virginia football game. It switched him from the broadcast of one game — the UVA-William & Mary game on Sept. 2 — because of the coincidence of his name in the wake of the violent clashes in Charlottesville. Also, most media reporting on the Traveler controversy at the University of Southern California indicates the issue was raised by a campus student group, the Black Student Assembly.