Bused-in anarchists why protest turned violent


Frank Habit

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Are anarchists on the rise? Or are they the Antichrist? Paid thugs bused to Charlottesville, Virginia, from Washington, D.C., and elsewhere for what reason? You can bet your lunch money it was for no good for anyone. It would have been a peaceful march on public streets otherwise.

Was this deja vu all over again? Where did it happen before?

Let's see. Russia in the early 1900s and Germany in the 1930s, to name a couple places if my recall is accurate. It came down to a very few overturning the it-doesn't-affect-me-laid back-comfortable majority.

By the way, that busing bit brings to mind trouble-making thugs who were bused out to Long Island, New York, on buses paid for by none other than we taxpayers for the infamous ACORN misfits to show their low lifestyle by gathering on the lawn of a businessman who the left had targeted for his company's role in saving lives. How many baby body parts have they sold lately? Shame!

Frank Habit


Editor’s note: While a number of the counter-protesters involved in the Aug. 5 violence in Charlottesville were not from there, the majority, according to The New York Times, were members of a Charlottesville-based network of activists and clergy members called Solidarity Cville. The group included ministers from local churches and racial justice activists, The Times said.