Dems knew Weinstein rumors but took his money


Mark Goddard

Thursday, October 12, 2017

I’ve stated many times that liberalism is a mental disorder and I believe that now more than ever. Liberal hypocrisy is now at an all-time high.

We all know the lurid details about liberal Democrat and huge Hillary Clinton supporter Harvey Weinstein. I won’t even begin to mention the sick and abhorrent details of what he has been accused of. But really, why is anyone surprised about this? The Democratic Party since the days of Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy has made cultural depravity a virtue and resume enhancer.

To the mainstream media, Hollywood celebrities and Democrat apologists, the days of calling out bad behavior are over. We must not judge bad behavior anymore or risk being called a “prude” or the usual names when Democrats are losing a debate or argument, like “racist,” “sexist” or “homophobe.”

Anything now goes. Strident left-wing activist and Trump hater Ashley Judd finally overcame her cowardice to tell The New York Times what transpired many years ago between her and Weinstein. It now seems that everyone in Hollywood knew about Weinstein’s transgressions over at least 30 years but nobody ever said a word.

How many women had to suffer because Ashley Judd and countless other powerful women remained silent?

And now we come to the part the national media will never ever report. You can bet the house that Bill and Hillary Clinton knew all about the rumors surrounding Weinstein’s indefensible behavior, and so did Barack and Michelle Obama, and so did every single Democrat who benefited from Weinstein’s donations and mega-fundraising. But they still took the money, didn’t they?

All these unhinged Democrats protesting Donald Trump for being a “sexist” took Weinstein’s money time after time and never said a word about his behavior. What hypocrisy! Rotting left-wing Hollywood, the entertainment media, the Democratic Party and its national media enablers are all guilty of accepting and perpetuating a morally and ethically bankrupt culture in America.

Mark Goddard