Trump only interested in making himself great


Jerry Gill

Thursday, October 19, 2017

It appears to me that President Trump has two goals for his presidency: He wants to make himself, not America, great. He wants to nullify every program and decision of his African-American predecessor, Barack Obama.

In fact, I believe he despises Barack Obama and everything Obama did, said, and stood for.

In trying to be the "Great One," Trump actually looks and sounds ridiculous to most clear-thinking Americans and to most non-Americans, including our supposed allies. Because of Trump, the United States government is in chaos. Little or nothing is getting done for us Americans.

Trump doesn't care, as long as he has the delusion that he's the greatest and that the chaos is the fault of others: the Democrats, the media, our "enemies" around the world.

President Donald Trump needs to be impeached, soon, before he does any more harm.

Jerry Gill