Withdrawal from climate pact not a US failure


Tom Pietras

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I reject the pronouncement by Bobby Harris that withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is a failure of American leadership.

I do agree sea levels have risen minimally over many years. This may have little to do with man's influence, but may be a normal process. Assuming the agreement will result in lower global temperatures, preventing sea level rise, is a costly leap of faith.

Consider in 1975 the media promoted scientific claims the earth was dramatically cooling. Unless something was done the result would be a human killing Ice Age. Concern of long term warming or cooling has been a waste of time and money since the 1800's.

Also, consider Al Gore's proclamation in 2006 via "An inconvenient truth" unless dramatic action was taken the world will reach a point of no return in 10 years.

Other countries who have ratified this agreement have inflicted undue stress on their citizens. The soaring electric bills have especially hurt the poor. Some have died.

No doubt the agreement would hurt the U.S. asymmetrically.

Instead of following the crowd mentality, question the consequences of this issue being pushed by the progressive left.

I'm sure Bobby is loved on campus for his climate change opinion. Then again, he is dutifully following the university stance and so-called intelligentsia.

Tom Pietras