Moore did nothing wrong dating teenage girls


Calvin Lacy

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Teenage girls dating older men was a common practice in Elizabeth City when I was a kid. It didn't seem to pose a problem for most folks. Conversely, older women would give a teenage boy a tumble quicker than a girl. The reason I seldom dated girls my age was simply because the married men had them all taken and that's a fact.

Roy Moore, the U.S. Senate candidate in Alabama, was no different than anyone else of his generation. Call me iconoclastic and you'd be right, but young girls go for older men. The girls went for Moore, too, and none complained — even when he became a judge. They were content to remain silent all these years because it was no big deal to them. But when Moore became a threat to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and the Senate, now everybody's feigning righteousness in order to destroy him.

This fake outrage is a McConnell plot to keep Moore, a good patriotic American, out of the Senate. McConnell knows Moore will disrupt all of the senators’ Utopian dreams and possibly end their selfish careers.

But there's trouble brewing in the McConnell camp! Gloria Allred, the attorney for one of the women accusing Moore of misconduct, is refusing to show her fake documents, and the only two intelligent women in Alabama — Mrs. Kayla Moore and Gov. Kay Ivey — are voting for Roy Moore. So, while the rest of the dumber-than-a-door-knob Alabama women vote Democrat, I think Moore at least deserves the same treatment as did Sen. Ted Kennedy, former Congressman Gary Condit, Sen. Al Franken, and 93-year-old wheelchair bound George Herbert Walker Bush.

Consult your Merriam-Webster for “iconoclast.” I'm doing it to you now!

Calvin Lacy