Tax cuts will have permanent effect, agony


Beverly Mitchell

Saturday, November 25, 2017

The tax cuts for the rich and powerful in America will be permanent cuts. Remember that. Permanent means forever-never ending. 

Days ago, Obamacare Healthcare mandates were taken because more money was needed for the tax cuts for the wealthy. Guess what else are mandates: Medicare and Social Security. Both of those mandates are run by the government, and both can be to reduced, piece by piece, by the government.  

This tax bill is class warfare. This is not a permanent tax cut for American workers, as it has been told. $1,200 has been promised to “middle class” Americans (whoever they are). But that money is not permanent. The Republican congressmen forgot to tell that while $1,200 will go to some people, Mr. Trump, a so-called billionaire, will receive $800 million in 7 years. And he is just one person at the top of the money ladder. 

Factories will not be built and jobs will not be formed. They have been promised before. During Reagan’s presidency, which ended in 1989, trickle-down wealth was promised by him, and we’re still waiting for that money, given to the wealthy, to trickle-down.That was a con, and so is this. 

Giving mass money to corporations will not trickle-down wealth or jobs to the people at the bottom. But it will assure mass money into their pockets and into the pockets of their stockholders.

We have been told to call our congressmen. That doesn’t work. Usually the person who answers the phone call is a clerk. And along with their $174,000 salaries, congressmen receive perks from lobbyist. The only thing that works is protesting.   

All Americans who oppose this bill, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, should go to Washington and protest. They will be seen and their anger will be heard. Calls don’t matter. Angry actions do matter. 

Maybe then, the powerful will understand that money should be put only into the pockets of the poor. They will spend the money and put it back into the system. Thus, Americans will flourish again, and the economy will grow. 

Beverly Mitchell