Democrats show hypocrisy on sex harassment


Mark Goddard

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The daily examples of liberal hypocrisy are literally endless.

Every day we see a member of the media, Hollywood and politics being exposed for the sexual deviants that they are. The overwhelming majority are of course from the political left although you would never know it as the media only seem focused on Alabama’s Roy Moore.

These are the same dishonest enablers that have told us for many years that conservatives and Republicans are waging a “war on women.” How easy it is for these dishonest cowards to conveniently forget that it was the “messiahs” of the Democratic Party, John F. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton, who treated countless women as nothing more than reusable dishrags while they defended them at any cost.

Liberal icon Mika Brzezinski, star of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in a display of unbelievable hubris asked on her show about workplace sexual harassment, “Where are the people to stop them”? Are you kidding me? Mika worked right next to Glenn Thrush and Mark Halperin but asks of other organizations “where are the people to stop them?” This is the same woman who was having an affair with her co-host Joe Scarborough.

Countless celebrities have feigned ignorance and astonishment as more and more names are exposed, even though the reputations of those accused were very well known by everyone. How many women have been degraded and sexually assaulted because these cowards remained silent? We will never know.

This is the legacy of the Kennedys and most recently Bill Clinton who everyone in Hollywood and the media adored. Hillary Clinton stating this is all a “right-wing conspiracy” will help these liberals now because they are now eating their own. Isn’t it amazing how now 30 years later, so many in the media are saying that maybe Bill Clinton should have resigned?

Congratulations Democrats, you’ve shown once again how morally and ethically bankrupt you and your party are. Take away your identity politics and you have nothing to stand on.

Mark Goddard