Lesson to the voters: You get what you vote for


Jim Bridges

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

During the campaign the Trumpster read a poem to his fans. Here's the gospel of that poem, according to Jim.

Once upon a time a woman brought home a baby snake because it was so cute, knowing that it was a poisonous snake.

She raised it as the family pet and all went well, until little Johnny accidentally stepped on the snake. It bit Johnny, and Johnny died.

The woman said, "How could you do that, after all we've done for you?" The snake said, "Madam, you knew that I was a poisonous snake when you brought me into the family. You have no right to complain."

Similarly, the Trumpster could say to America, "You knew what I was. I gave you many indications of my true nature, but elected me anyway. You have no right to complain."

However, Jim hopes that the complaining grows into a tsunami until millions of people are chanting millions of times, "Throw him out. Throw him out."

Jim Bridges

Elizabeth City