Accused sex harasser's politics don't matter


Cody Marks

Friday, December 15, 2017

Given the recent sexual allegations that have become daily news, I really wish we would focus on one thing: justice.

If the accusation is true, hold the perpetrator accountable. Likewise, do the same if the accuser has made a false accusation against someone.

Sadly, our biggest concern has become the accused perpetrator’s politics, as it seems that we only want to assign more bogeymen to the side of the spectrum that we do not like. It is sad that when a new accusation comes out the first concern is, “Are they a Democrat or a Republican?”

As a people, have we become that petty that personal political beliefs and prejudices are what determine the severity of a crime? Have we not forgotten that no one is above the law?

Toby Keith once said that “politics is what’s killing America,” and I agree. In an era of division, I hope that we all would agree that justice belongs to all and that no status, whether it be color, gender, race, wealth, politics, etc, may serve as a get-out-of-jail-free card for one’s actions.

Many people I know on both sides of the spectrum would never commit such acts. It is time to focus on justice, and maintaining the rule of law. 

Cody Marks

South Mills