Media's hatred of Trump has become personal


Paul Miller

Friday, December 15, 2017

Major media outlets CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., have 24/7 negative news coverage of the president.

For example, recently the New York City subway system was hit by a terrorist attack. CNN, rather than cover real news, shifted to why Donald Trump drinks a lot of Diet Coke.

Really? Why would a major news source want to cover the president and Diet Coke after a major terror attack?

Many Americans are asking themselves, why all the negative news on Donald Trump? CNN years ago was a decent news source. Sure it leaned left, but it still had decent reporting regarding world events. I don’t watch any of these news sources anymore because of their incessant negativity about Donald Trump.

Their coverage is no longer political but personal. The economy is great and at an all-time high. The previous administration never saw the economy doing this well. So why the negativity? Simple, the hate for the man. Donald Trump is so strong all objectivity is gone. When journalists have this much hate toward any person or thing there is no way they can report objectively about that person or thing.

Last weekend, MSNBC interviewed psychologist Bandy Lee, who made reprehensible assertions. "We must act soon," she warned, because "things will get worse." Lee actually declared that President Trump is "mentally falling apart" and warned that he will "likely become violent." Dr. Lee has obviously never heard of the “Goldwater Rule,” which was enacted by the American Psychiatric Association after hundreds of psychiatrists questioned the sanity of then-Republican presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

According to the Goldwater Rule, it is unethical and irresponsible for a mental health professional to diagnose a person they have never met. Hate is a strong emotion that has destroyed all rational thought in the media. Unfortunately hate has trumped politics.

Paul Miller

Elizabeth City