Treasonous Obama acts are unreported


Mark Goddard

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I have cited countless examples of media hypocrisy and outright “mistruths.” I could easily cite countless more. The latest example from the American Taliban’s destroy Trump media is their outright refusal to report, or at best, downplaying the recent reports of Barack Obama’s treason.

By now we all know about the Obama administration’s failures and incompetence in Benghazi. We know about the U.S. Border Patrol agent murdered in 2010 where guns at the crime scene were linked to the U.S. government? Under Obama, our federal government was arming some of our most savage and destructive enemies while the ATF was violating the very federal gun laws the bureau is charged with enforcing by knowingly allowing “straw purchasers” to obtain weapons that they would later sell to Mexican drug cartels.

Now, an extraordinary report by the left-leaning Politico exposes a vast left-wing conspiracy at all levels of the Obama administration to collude with a terrorist organization in hopes of empowering a nation devoted to the death of America. According to the report, Obama officials pressured federal investigators to back off investigations into huge money-laundering, weapons and drug trafficking operations by the terrorist group Hezbollah.

The Obama administration offered this protection even as Hezbollah was raking in $1 billion a year and extending its murderous anti-American influence far beyond the Middle East. All this for what? Upholding the U.S. Constitution? Fighting the war on terror? Peace in the Middle East?

Even the most naive liberal would laugh at that. It was all in the name of placating Iran, Hezbollah’s patron nation so that the Obama administration could ink a ridiculously lopsided deal on Iran’s nuclear program. A deal that scored Iran hundreds of millions in cash and billions more in sanctions relief. At the very end of the deal, Iran gets to weaponize its nuclear program anyway. If that is not outright treason, then nothing is. Again I ask… where is our illustrious media?

Mark Goddard


Editor’s note: The Daily Advance can find no credible sources to verify claims cited in this letter regarding the alleged treasonous conspiracies in the administration of President Barack Obama.