Those upset at Trump's remarks say far worse


Mark Goddard

Sunday, January 21, 2018

To no one’s surprise, after President Trump’s comments in a closed-door meeting were released to the media by Democrat Dick Durbin, someone who has a long history of lies, The Daily Advance saw fit in its Jan. 14 editorial to state, “The president further revealed his racist attitudes and lack of fitness to lead America.”

What hogwash! The hypocrites and phonies at The Daily Advance, the rest of the liberal media and Hollywood are apoplectic at Trump’s comments calling Haiti and African countries an excrement hole. Do the folks at The Daily Advance really believe that Barack Obama, George W Bush and Bill Clinton didn’t say the same or similar things in closed-door meetings?

In 2016, The Atlantic published a story stating President Obama, behind closed doors, called Libya the exact same thing Trump did. Did The Daily Advance or other media criticize Obama? Of course not. When Obama blatantly lied about four Americans being murdered in Benghazi because of a YouTube video, or referred to Mid-Westerners as “clinging to their guns and Bibles,” did anyone care? I could easily reference many other “un-presidential” comments Obama made while president. I won’t even begin to mention the many racist comments former Vice President Joe Biden has made.

I would argue that the vast majority of the people upset at Trump’s comments have said the same or far worse. When many celebrities stated they would move to Canada if Trump became president, wasn’t that racist? Why not south to Mexico? The weather is better, the beaches are great and property costs much less than in Canada. Oh that’s right. There are “brown” people down there. Do they own any second or third homes in Haiti?

What’s truly amazing is that these same hypocrites say the same thing as Trump about Mississippi, Alabama or any other state in the South. Remember, we’re “deplorables.” Ask yourself this, who hates Trump? The media, Satan, LGBT people, Hollywood, radical Islamic throat-cutters, illegal murderers, rapists, drug dealers, abortionists, people who don't want a job, illegals who won't go home and make their country great again, and those who are anti-America, anti-Constitution, and Jesus-haters.

If they stand against him, I will stand with him.

Mark Goddard