Trump’s harsh words about Haiti are the truth


Raymond Brandi

Sunday, January 21, 2018

It might sound insensitive, but President Trump speaks the truth, and at times harsh words are needed by a president to get the attention of Congress, especially to those who keep repeating the same stupid monetary policies, such as giving foreign aid to corrupt countries who keep their people in poverty.

So what went wrong with Haiti? It’s the corrupt government that’s dominated this country for the past 50-60 years. As a result, that has forced the country into an advanced state of industrial collapse.

On top of a failed government, United Nations programs instituted to help the country have been a failure. The country still hasn’t recovered from the cholera contamination of Haiti’s main rivers, which was blamed on a United Nations peacekeeping station brought in to help after the 2010 earthquake.

The Haitian government, or what little of it there is, provides no law and order, jobs or adequate schools and medical care for its own people. There is no middle class. You are either rich or poor. The drug culture and corrupt banks are allowed to proliferate to the point where most people who live there earn a living from the world drug market.

Compare Haiti with its surrounding neighbors, which are equally prone to natural disasters but far better equipped to cope because they are far better functioning societies.

It’s to the point where a majority of Haiti’s government budget comes from foreign aid. The U.S. has been pumping aid into the country for decades; how much U.S. foreign aid is enough? USAID figures put the figure at $2.3 billion just since 2012. That’s just U.S. aid and does not count aid from other countries and private aid donated from U.S. charitable organizations.

Yes, Haiti is a hole — a bottomless hole. So, why keep filling the hole with U.S. taxpayers’ money?

Haiti is not alone. Congress needs to stop filling the holes of other countries that have corrupt governments that keep their people in poverty. Those countries are very easy to identify: They are the countries that their citizens are fleeing from to come to the U.S. illegally. We need to be more selective in who we give foreign aid.

Raymond Brandi

Elizabeth City