News about our country seems only to get worse


Sunday, March 11, 2018

I read the opinion page first on Wednesday. It was filled with views on how bad our state of affairs are. The U.S. is moving faster and faster like a train that can’t stop. First, we took prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance out of school. Teachers can’t discipline children. 

With all our advances in technology, our schools, prisons, government and court systems are worse. With all our knowledge, we should be better, not worse. We are so divided as a country that nothing gets done. No one will compromise. Whether you voted for President Trump or not, shouldn’t we stand behind our president and country? Look at China and Russia. We are no longer the superpower. They are!

We don’t have a respect for the preciousness of life. We don’t go to church and we don’t know our neighbors; nor do we care to. My friends won’t read the newspaper or listen to the news but I want to know. 

Donna Stott

Elizabeth City