EC council should use evidence to form decisions


John Rossow

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Instead of “Harbor of Hospitality” perhaps Elizabeth City City Council should modify the Elizabeth City welcome signs to read: ”Harbor of Hospitality Unless You Are Russian.”

Councilman Johnnie Walton’s concerns could have been addressed if he and others had made the effort to search out evidence-based information. But evidence-based information — i.e., the truth — is often rejected due to preexisting beliefs and prejudices. Perhaps arrogance and ego may have been in the way.

It is comforting to know that council members will change their minds based on phone calls received from their constituents. So much for debate, examining the facts and rolling up one’s sleeves to do what is right for the best outcome.

There are test measures that can be applied to this process. This appears to be a failure of the process that is entrusted to our elected officials.

I wonder how many Russians live in our city. Maybe Walton knows. Mayor Bettie Parker seems to have gone the way of the prevailing winds. This is not really a character trait I value in a leader.  

John Rossow

Elizabeth City