We always do worse under GOP presidents


Beverly Mitchell

Friday, March 23, 2018

Every time a Republican is elected into the White House, bad things happen. Why do we forget the history of voting tragedies? Maybe some voters are too young to have voted for Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, or George H.W. Bush. But they should remember the election of George W. Bush. 

It was during his reign that the collapse of real estate values happened with a quarter of homeowners going underwater on their mortgages. Citizens owed more than their property was worth. The housing market was in crisis, and foreclosures were blatant. Under Bush, both tax cuts and deregulation were also tried, and America ended up with a crisis that almost plunged us into a second Great Depression. 

There was another Republican president, Richard Nixon, known as “Tricky Dick” because of his conman antics. With Nixon, jobs were sent overseas, factories were closed, and big cities were reduced to resembling ghost towns. Corporations and the wealthy were the only true survivors, besides professionals. 

Another Republican president remembered is Ronald Reagan. Before his presidency, car payments, furniture payments, credit card payments — anything that produced interest — could be deducted on income tax forms. Reagan took that away. 

Now in our White House is another Republican president, Donald J. Trump, who won the election when he agreed with rally-goers whose rhetoric was filled with bigotry and hate. 

This president is worse than the others. Besides running the most chaotic, turmoil-filled White House ever, Trump’s Dr. Jekyll-and-Mr. Hyde personality leaves citizens wondering about his thinking ability. His competence is questionable. 

So if you love America and honor our democracy, remember its history and use that memory when you vote. History will repeat itself — leest we forget. 

Beverly Mitchell