Hood column on health care absent real facts


Richard Good

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

I read the latest column from John Hood and it would have sounded reasonable were his facts about health care anywhere close to accurate.

To give you some perspective, Americans spend thousands more per year than any other country on earth for health care. The USA spends 15 times more per capita than Peru, yet Peruvians still live longer than Americans.

The USA by comparison is only 31st in the life expectancy, and 24th in healthy life expectancy. Our health system for all its spending is only 37th in performance. Our own CIA tells us we are 55th in infant mortality. Really? Only 55th? These are just a few facts showing how poorly our “for profit” health system works in comparison to national health care systems. The facts go on and on and are available to anyone willing to do even a modicum of research. 

Over two-thirds of all drug deaths in the USA are from opioids. If ever you need proof of how segments of our private health industry have lied for profit, this is it. From the drug companies, to the doctors who profited and turned a blind eye to the risks, the greed is bared for all to see. 

Nowhere else in the industrialized world does society value making a profit from peoples misery. Obscene executive salary levels, stock options, return on shareholders equity, advertising costs, administrative costs denying coverage, insurance company profits and drug company profits all squeeze every ounce of profit from the average Americans pocket. 

John Hood’s assertion that we would have the highest life expectancy if fatal injuries from homicides, car crashes and industrial accidents were removed from the equation is laughable. Every other country includes those statistics. Is he suggesting we remove those statistics to create some fake news so he can then claim we have a great system?

By all means lets have a civil discourse on our political differences, particularly health care which affects us all, but don’t make up your facts or delete information to suit your position and expect to escape attack or insult. 

Richard Good 

Elizabeth City