Vote to grant taxi appeal puts taxpayers at risk


Jill Changary

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

What a travesty. On April 23, five of eight city councilors — Johnnie Walton, Rickey King, Darius Horton, Gabriel Adkins and Kem Spence — voted to grant Theodore Lee's appeal of the Elizabeth City Police Department's denial of his application to drive a taxi. This decision put all of Elizabeth City taxpayers at risk of possible liability for multi-million-dollar lawsuits.

In putting all of us at risk, these councilors voted against the best judgments of our police chief, Eddie M. Buffaloe, our city manager, Rich Olson, and our city attorney, William Morgan. We expect our councilors to make careful decisions for the betterment of our city, not to help out someone who they know personally or who attends their church. 

This will be difficult to explain to these people who also continue to refuse to make their opening “prayers” non-demoninational — something that has been asked for several times. We are now liable for their ridiculous thinking.

This is why we must keep city council terms at two years, not four.

They cannot be elected again. If they think it’s fun to continue to make a joke of our city, they’d better enjoy themselves now because they’re done. 

Jill Changary 

Elizabeth City