Trump should defy Deep State, media and not testify


Paul Miller

Saturday, May 12, 2018

A coup d'état being perpetrated by the Deep State. The left and the media are working today to bring down a legitimately elected president.

The people behind this coup are no better than the thugs in any other third world country around the globe. Special prosecutors that have broad mandates and an unlimited budget are bad for our country. Ken Starr was bad and so is Robert Mueller. Special prosecutors rip the country apart and take over news cycles and that’s all one hears until they’re gone. The only problem is these seem to never go.

President Trump is under attack, not because of his politics, and not because he broke the law. We’ve seen zero evidence that he broke the law even when he fired FBI Director James Comey, as the Constitution gives him the power to fire any political appointee. After all, didn’t the deputy attorney general, Rod Rosenstein, send a letter to the president recommending Comey’s firing?

The Deep State, the left and the media are after Trump because of hate. It’s not political, it’s personal.

Columnist Pat Buchanan gives Trump the best advice yet on how to deal with the special prosecutor: “If Donald Trump does not wish to collaborate in the destruction of his presidency, he will refuse to be questioned by the FBI, or by a grand jury, or by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his malevolent minions. Should Mueller subpoena him, as he has threatened to do, Trump should ignore the subpoena, and frame it for viewing in Trump Tower. If Mueller goes to the Supreme Court and wins an order for Trump to comply and testify to a grand jury, Trump should defy the court. The only institution that is empowered to prosecute a president is Congress. If charges against Trump are to be brought, this is the arena, this is the forum, where the battle should be fought and the fate and future of the Trump presidency decided.”

Paul Miller

Elizabeth City