With Iran deal withdrawal, Trump keeps another promise


Mark Goddard

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Another Trump promise made, another Trump promise kept.

Much to the chagrin of Barack Obama, John Kerry and Democrats everywhere, the horrendous Iran nuclear deal is done. American exceptionalism is back, folks.

No rational American can oppose North Korea’s tentative promise to give up its nuclear weapons. His planned summit with Kim Jong Un is a first for an American president, and his promise to walk out if the meeting is useless shows he will not to be taken for a fool.

For most Republicans, American Exceptionalism never went out of style, but its light dimmed drastically during the Obama years, when he reshuffled our alliances and voluntarily put constraints on America’s freedom to act, with the Iran deal and the Paris climate accords prime examples. Obama’s rhetoric and policies showed a desire to accept the decline of America and manage it rather than reverse it. From the shrinking of the military to his apology tours to a preference for ceding power to multinational organizations, he accommodated rivals and even sworn enemies under the guise of progress.

Although Trump clearly likes to talk tough and rattle sabers, he has shown great restraint when it comes to action. Instead, Trump is following the Roman admonition that “If you want peace, prepare for war.” He is in the process of rebuilding the military and bringing Iran and North Korea to their knees. His sanctions against Russia are tougher than those of the two previous presidents, despite the fact that Vladimir Putin stole Crimea from Ukraine under Obama without paying a price. Trump has also pressured China into keeping North Korea in line, linking the outcome to favorable or unfavorable China trade negotiations or tariffs.

Remember folks, the left is subtle. They erode the bedrock of the nation slowly, almost invisibly, over time. Anyone who calls out a warning is labeled an extremist or racist. Just look at what a century of leftist-controlled public education has gotten us. Take a good look at what your children and grandchildren are being taught. The liberal lunacy runs rampant in high schools and colleges everywhere, and the two biggest items that led to the creation of our nation, the Holy Bible and guns, are the two biggest items Democrats want to get rid of. Let that sink in.

Mark Goddard