Trump's avoidance of linear logic, language paid off


Jim Bridges

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Donald Trump became "the most powerful" by avoiding linear logic and linear language and by speaking symbolically, and finally becoming a symbol himself.

The majority of people voted for Hillary Clinton for president with their minds but not with their hearts.

Eighty percent avoid linear logic and linear language. On some level, Trump and/or his handlers knew what they were doing. They were incredibly smart or lucky, or they had divine or demonic inspiration.

I can't rid myself of the impression that Trump is very similar to Old Testament prophets, most of whom were thought insane by their contemporaries, and probably most modern psychologists.

Let me quote Havelock Ellis: "Had there been an insane asylum in Jerusalem, Jesus would have been locked up in it...."

I think that if Jesus lived today he would be institutionalized, tranquilized or marginalized. Some writer said that we would invite him to dinner, listen politely and, then, ignore him. I support everything here.

Jim Bridges

Elizabeth City