TDA's biases displayed in Trump letter, Lehmann story


Calvin Lacy

Friday, May 18, 2018

Here's a sample of The Daily Advance's hypocrisy that goes for news these days. The headline over a recent letter stated: 'If economy is humming, who cares if president is a liar?” Please be advised that the headline is of The Daily Advance’s origination, not the writer’s. Nevertheless, the Advance got its message across in a most disingenuous way.

They do it a lot. But if some serious writer with a well-thought-out and researched letter vies for space, the editor brings out the fact-checkers. But not so with the recent smear letter. Pets get preferred treatment.

The letter in question was absent any facts supporting its outrageous lies. Even Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller has not found the president lying about anything after months of intense investigation.

On the other hand, the only lies have been those told by the Democratic smear machine in its plan B attempt to oust the president from office. So I ask the readers: who's the bigger liar here? Donald Trump or the editor of The Daily Advance?

But it doesn't end there. On election day, May 8, The Daily Advance ran a story titled, “Twiddy backer files Steinburg ethics complaint.” This scurrilous piece was designed to convey the opposite message of what really happened at the polling place in question.

State Rep. Bob Steinburg's associate, Diana London, was approached by Bill Lehmann, whom she said got in close and pointed his finger in her face. You don't need to be a lawyer to know this is assault and should be prosecuted. But The Daily Advance refused to say that, preferring rather to insinuate that it was all Mr. Steinburg's fault.

Calvin Lacy


Editor’s note: Our story published in the May 8 edition about voter Bill Lehmann’s complaint against the Bob Steinburg campaign for state Senate also contained information from the complaints filed with election officials against Lehmann by Diana London and Susan Ward, the latter the wife of a sheriff’s candidate. The story detailed London’s and Ward’s descriptions of Lehmann’s alleged behavior outside the Pasquotank Board of Elections Office during early voting.