If panhandling is illegal, why aren't solicitation letters?


Stella W. Jernigan

Saturday, May 19, 2018

How would you define begging? I’ll say it’s asking for something you need. 

Our newspaper published an article claiming it’s against the law to beg. If that’s the case, a lot of people are guilty. Take all these flyers you get in the mail, wanting a donation for this or that.

I just read that our church isn’t allowed to give a person a cane because of safety concerns. But that’s what a cane is for; to help steady a person. I bought one a few years ago. Glad I did. I’d have it if someone tried to snatch my purse. I had seen on TV that people were doing that to some women. 

I think it’s very generous to donate canes to someone like that. Mine is a fold-up one that you can put in your purse. Helps me a lot when walking. 

Back to begging, a lot of people are doing that. well-to do companies are always sending out flyers or letters asking for donations. Isn’t that begging? 

Even letters from politicians. I get them all the time. Don’t you all get any? I think it’s all begging, so to speak.  

Stella W. Jernigan 

Elizabeth City