Faith in faith without faith in doubt leads to insanity


Wednesday, May 23, 2018

A racist and male chauvinist pig, a fellow teacher and "one of my best friends," warned his history classes of "the negative by- products of industrialization." A commentator recently referred to plastic as a global threat. I heard this from one of "the fake news " slaves, so it must be false, like the threat of global climate change. If it were the gospel truth, our Supreme Leader, the great tweeter, would have told us so.

Faith in faith without faith in doubt soon blossoms into insanity. Faith in doubt without faith in faith soon leads to suicide. I beg all users of social media and senders of any messages: Tweet unto others as you would have others tweet unto you. I beg all isolationists and all oppressors to remember that they are inferior to those they oppress. Heads will roll and blood will flow in the streets when the oppressed start stealing like the oppressors have always done.

Keep faith, hope, and charity alive. All things are, indeed, possible, if we believe and do the right things at the right times.

Jim Bridges

Elizabeth City