Beware the objectives of the Tri-Lateral Commission


Sunday, May 27, 2018

I have been an opponent of the Tri-Lateral Commission since they came to my attention in 1965.

For those who don't know what this organization is, it is a think tank of liberal elites from business, industry,banking and politics. It's founders were David Rockefeller of the Chase Bank; Zignev Brzezinski from Columbia Universityand President Jimmy Carter.

In fact, eight members of the Carter cabinet were from this group, including Brzezinski who became National Security Adviser.

In recent times, President Obama had former TLC Chair Paul Volker on his economic team. All past presidents have been or are members of the TLC except for Ronald Reagan. There are others like me who believe that the TLC are the puppeteers behind the scenes pushing their agenda, along with another notable lib, George Soros.

The TLC consists of the U.S., Japan and Western Europe. In the early years, they promoted a one world economy and a one world government. Sound familiar?

There was an article recently by Richard Haas, a former diplomat and a member of the TLC and President of The Council on Foreign Relations. In it he states that the liberal world order was created after World War II to ensure that the conditions that lead to 2 World Wars in 30 years would not arise again. This New International Economic Order aka technocracy and sustainable development. This was perhaps a smoke screen for the real goal of technocracy and sustainable development, a term that has been incorporated into UN Agenda 21. For technocracy to rule it requires the complete collapse of capitalism and free enterprise.

Now Mr. Haas, writes that nationalism is awakening and he cites Brexit and the election of Donald Trump as examples.

I encourage all persons that are interested in knowing more to Google the Tri-Lateral Commission and locate the article by Mr. Haas and read the entire thing. You will be enlightened about the forces within us that are pushing for dominance both here and abroad. The evolution of our future society is at stake.

John Woodard

Elizabeth City

Editor’s note: There are many sources and opinions regarding the Tri-Lateral Commission. We urge interested readers to research beyond the single reference of Richard Haas to get a full and objective view of the subject.