Only God's love, not gun control, can end shootings


Thursday, May 31, 2018

As I begin to write this our nation is again reeling from another senseless attack. This time at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

As with other tragic situations that involve shootings the cries for more gun-control laws are very loud. Will more laws solve this?

There are those who think so. I differ greatly. No amount of new gun laws will solve this.

Do we not already have tons of laws on the books that deal with the misuse of firearms? I am sure the NRA would be happy to point all these out for you.

Will outlaws suddenly start obeying the laws just because they are stricter? I do believe we all know the answer to that question. Remember: Guns do not have a mind to think. Guns do not have a will to choose to do evil and guns do not have a heart filled with hate.

What must happen is that hearts and minds must be changed. Even more importantly, many hearts and minds must get healed. We need God — now more than ever. We need his love, his spirit, and most importantly his change.

That sounds like good news to me. For far too long, the media focus has been on the problem. Don't you think it's about time to focus on the solution?

Ray Clarke Sr.

Elizabeth City