Animal welfare law tool to discourage abuse


Friday, June 15, 2018

Five Pasquotank County commissioners recently voted to approve a new Chapter 5 county animal welfare ordinance. I agree with their decision. I respectfully disagree with Commissioners Frankie Meads and Joe Winslow on their nonsupport of the ordinance. This ordinance is needed. Pasquotank also needs a leash law and a law to keep hunting dogs off private property. 

The deer dog hunters also voiced their disapproval of any new dog laws. This ordinance does not target deer dog hunters or anyone else. It is a tool that law enforcement can use to educate the public and require humane treatment of animals. 

A point made in a recent letter to the editor was also wrong. The ordinance requires the “opportunity for vigorous daily exercise.” It does not require elderly people to give that exercise. Commissioner Meads nit-picks the ordinance while Commissioner Winslow said it is too vague and will not stop animal neglect or cruelty. They voted for a special-interest group and not for the public good.

I agree that the ordinance will not stop animal abuse. However it will give pause to those who may abuse animals because now there will be the rule of law. I would urge all citizens to support this law, a leash law, and a law to keep hunting dogs off private property.  

Doug Lane

Elizabeth City