If US so oppressive, why do Dems want immigrants here?


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

According to Democrats, American women live under a suffocating patriarchy. Rape culture flourishes in the U.S. Toxic masculinity stunts the emotional and professional growth of American females. Sexual harassment and predation are rampant in American workplaces. These claims are self-evident to a large, interlocking establishment of liberal government bureaucrats, politicians, college administrators, faculty, “activists,” professionals and, of course, journalists.

In the case of thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into the U.S., House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accuses the Trump administration of “staggering cruelty” in condemning “vulnerable innocent women to a lifetime of violence and even death.” According to The New York Times, asylum petitions have risen 1,700 percent from 2008 to 2016, driven in significant part by domestic-abuse claims, often underwritten by extensive coaching and encouragement from hard-left advocates. They know all too well how to work the system. But why should social-justice warriors want to subject these potential victims to the horrors of America?

In coming to the U.S., if you believe the dominant feminist narrative, the female aliens would simply be exchanging their local violent patriarchy for a new one. Indeed, it should be a mystery to these committed progressives why any Third World resident would seek to enter the U.S. Not only is rape culture pervasive in the U.S., but the very lifeblood of America is the destruction of “black and brown bodies.” Surely, a Third World person of color would be better off staying in his home country, where he is free from genocidal whiteness and the murderous legacy of Western civilization.

But the same left-wing establishment that rails against American oppression of an ever-expanding number of victim groups now denounces the U.S. for not giving unlimited access to foreign members of those same victim groups. To them, America is the font of all evil against females and persons of color. They paint the U.S. as the place where hope and opportunity die under a tsunami of misogyny and racism. But, in their open-borders mindset, progressives paint the United States as the only source of hope and opportunity for low-skilled, low-social-capital third worlders. The rest of us know, the most important reason why the U.S. is such a magnet to people the world over is the rule of law. Progressives would destroy that lawfulness, even as they publicly deny its legacy of tolerance and justice.

Every honest person knows that if these immigrants came across the border to vote Republican, Pelosi, Schumer and every other Democrat would be at the border in buses to take these people back to where they came from.

Mark Goddard