Trump immigration policies racist, pure ungodly evil


Wednesday, June 20, 2018

The immigration policies of the Trump administration aren't only immoral and unchristian. They're also racist. 

White-skinned, blue-eyed people from northern Europe (remember President Trump's desire for more immigrants from Norway?) have no trouble getting into the United States. There are no walls or detention centers for them. They are welcome.

Trump's immigration policies are aimed at brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking, mostly uneducated families wanting to come to "the land of the free" from Central America and Mexico. The adults are jailed. Their children, even little babies, are taken from them and shipped to detention centers. This is pure ungodly evil.

The Statue of Liberty, with its great poem of welcoming, is a lie, like so much in the Trump administration is a lie. I have never visited the statue. Nor will I ever. It's hypocrisy and untruth at its worst. 

Jerry Gill