Those who want to enter US must follow the law


Thursday, June 21, 2018

To those who hide under the bleeding-heart rhetoric about “dreamers,” and to their parents, I say enter the country legally.

Let's not reward those who cross our borders illegally and then provide them with untold amounts of freebies. We live under our laws, and should we be so stupid to break them openly and deliberately, we'd find ourselves behind bars in a place like Atlanta. It is not common sense to try it. This smells like a political ploy to me.

In our family we have seven grandchildren. A boy and a girl came to us legally from Guatemala after many, many months of work and a considerable amount of out-of-pocket expense. The folks who smuggle in the youngsters know the heart-wrenching pain they will have to deal with at some point.

It is amazing how the left politicians encourage such blatant violation of the law and go unpunished for it. 

Frank Habit